Business Consulting - How to set up a company in ireland

Business Consulting

The benefit of trading through an Irish Limited Company has never been greater. The advantages of structuring your business in this way are:

LIMITED LIABILITY protects your personal assets in the unfortunate event that your company were to fail. Of course the benefit of LIMITED LIABILITY CORRECTLY places onerous responsibilities on COMPANY DIRECTORS to make sure that they conduct the business affairs of the company in a RESPONSIBLE FASHION having regard to the interests of REVENUE, EMPLOYEES, AND CREDITORS. There are severe consequences for DIRECTORS of INSOLVENT COMPANIES who fail to show that they have acted honestly and responsibly, including the potential to be made PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the COMPANY'S DEBTS

LOW CORPORATION TAX RATES OF 12.5% on all trading profits.

IMPROVED CASH FLOW due to the lower tax rates.

EXTRA FUNDS can be reinvested in the company and may earn a greater return than alternative investments or alternatively reduce the company's dependance on expensive Bank Finance.

CHOICE OVER HOW AND WHEN you pay yourself. A SELF EMPLOYED pays tax on their PROFIT even where they take less money out of their business.

Our Business Consulting team can advise you on the best structure financially for your business. Contact us if you need advice on whether to incorporate your business or how to meet the ever-increasing burden of compliance with VAT (Value Added Tax) or PAYE (Pay as You Earn) regulations.